What always leaves an impression on me, and ultimately extends to my work are the things that are flawed and concealed: finding the lost remains in something and a beauty in apparent ugliness. The process of creating and destroying the images, alongside coating the surface with numerous layers of polyurethane allows for a slow reveal into the paintings true potential.

Working with polyurethane as a medium brings a certain quality of tranparency to the work, which grants a glimpse into the interior workings of the painting. To juxtapose my fascination with layering, I use opaque paint to boldly present its own reality. A reality that negates any history of the previous layers. All things appear to have something beneath the surface.

A fascination with the Romantics has always held a keen interest with me on numerous levels. Especially its notion of the 'Sublime' with its unsettling and almost disturbing power. To me this is not only an intrinsic part of life but a powerful vehicle that still resonates in modern times.